Why pour over is a timeless way of brewing coffee.

We can all thank Melitta, a mother in 1908, for one of the most simple and yet best ways to brew coffee. Like a lot of innovations and inventions, Melitta was dissatisfied with the status quo and that her percolator was providing a subpar coffee every morning.

In a stoke of ingenuity, she took some paper from her son's schools supplies and a brass pot with a hole from a nail and this began the first iteration of what we now know as the pour over or hand drip coffee style. By the 1930's, her design went international and redefined the coffee industry.

The pour over design of a cone offers a different surface area for the coffee to be extracted from and the open face allows gasses to release into the air instead of being trapped into the coffee. It's for that reason that many coffee enthusiasts turn to a pour over to provide a cup that is smooth, soft, and full of body without being harsh or bitter. 




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